21 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We decided to send Christmas cards or postcards to one another. Our pupils wrote personal messages and we sent the cards to our new friends.
Hopefully, all cards came on time - just before the Christmas holidays!
Moravian girls writing abroad

20 December 2011


Several English lessons we were busy with filming a video about our ZŠ a MŠ Větrná in Uherské Hradiště. It is not only us who had to speak English. We also taught English our cook in the kitchen and the lady who works in our buffet. Enjoy!

Polish pupils also made an interesting video about their school. You can learn a lot in their video but the most interesting fact is that they have a small cinema in the school. How cool!

Would you like to see French pupils and their school? Just watch their video!

Check out also Cool School from Bohemia! Notice what the kids use instead of a microphone! :-D


Filming itself was very amusing for all of us. It was great that even people who don´t speak English were not afraid. However, we all were impressed by a "six and half" year old boy called Victor whose performance was simply excellent!

16 December 2011


Each eTwinning project has its own Diary. Ours can be found at this address. From time to time all the involved teachers write there what´s new in their school.

13 December 2011


The following logos were nominated in the finals. It was hard to choose the best. Each school had one vote and at the end "Bohemian hands" won the logo competition. Congratulations!

Voting in Moravia was quite dramatic and we spent nearly the whole lesson discussing which logo would be the best and why.